FALL 2021

HUM 1020 Man and Society

PHIL 1010 Introduction to Philosophy 

PHIL 2050 Bioethics


"I can’t say enough about Professor Tobin and her class. The way she teaches makes you want to come to class. She inspires knowledge and makes you want to learn about the subject matter. She is simply the best at what she does."  -Remy, former PHIL 1000 student  

"I took Phil 1010 with Professor Tobin a few years back and absolutely loved the class. Upon recognition of this being a required course for my degree I made sure to select a course that she instructed." -Rebecca, PHIL 2050

"Professor Tobin is an excellent teacher. She is open to questions and this was a fun class. I would take her again." -former PHIL 1010 student

"This class is literally my favorite this semester. I love the fact that we look deeper into what I think of as beauty. It is refreshing and such a different way of learning that I appreciate. I now am much more aware of my surroundings, how things are built, colors and lines used in pretty much everything. I went to buy a new quilt for my bed and caught myself looking at the patterns and the colors used. I am more aware of such things."  -Yanirra, HUM 1010