Socratic Dialogue

"To have engaged examination into what something means you must have the courage to leave no question hidden." Schopenhauer

W o r k s h o p  F a c i l i t a t i o n

Socratic Dialogue is a powerful facilitation method used worldwide and conducted with small groups of 5-25 people. It can be used to:

    • Define Core Values:  Teamwork* Integrity* Excellence*

    • Often times the values of a group means different things to different people. This can lead to confusion. This workshop carefully defines a core value that needs to be upheld and applied by your group. It does this through consensus. You will begin to feel the very value you are seeking to clarify. The result? A universal definition of your core value and new perspectives gained. 
    • Improve Teamwork: Everyone must work together but how does this happen? This dialogue builds a strong, unified team. Just as work demands tolerance and understanding, SD has it as its rule. While assumptions suspend, trust builds and facades soften. The art of collaboration is learned. Consensus attained in this way promotes understanding, tolerance and open mindedness. Team building occurs naturally and with little effort during this dialogue.

    • Improve Communication: The importance of proper communication cannot be emphasized enough in the workplace. We would like to conduct better meetings and improve communication but often times do not know where to begin. At the core of communication is the need for the sender of the information to be understood. This workshop explores communication from a deeper level of understanding. Experiences and actions are brought out so as to better appreciate one another's viewpoints.

    • ConductResearch: Research often takes the form of surveys which identifies attitudes. Modern SD is a form of grounded, qualitative research which explores the implicit attitudes that people hold deeply by looking at real judgments and experience.

    • Perfect for Board Development & Retreats, Corporate Retreats or as a General Educational Workshop for your team. This can be customized, based on your needs and goals.

 "One of the most intriguing workshops of all time." CSU Career Services