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S p e a k I n g  T o p I c s

The Good Life:  We all want to live a good life but how do we reach our goal?  In this training we will explore what the ancient Greeks believed to be the essence of a good life.  We will examine some theories of happiness and how they have defined the present day science of happiness and positive psychology.  What counts as genuine happiness will surprise and delight you and the road to our goal is easier than one might imagine.  It can be learned, practiced and understood.

Target Audience: Any organizational group seeking to create a more harmonious workplace.

Bioethics:  This workshop will look at the overlooked theory of Bioethics known as Care Oriented Bioethics.  In healthcare, we have an ethical responsibility to provide proper care and we will focus on this theory to increase understanding about the elements of good care.  You will be challenged as you review this philosophy of care and the focus of healing beyond what we do, to how we do it.

Target Audience: The Healthcare Sector

Creating A Strong Vision In Times of Change: A well defined purpose can give direction and meaning to your life.  It provides the map from which we are guided.  Having a clear vision acts as a reminder of where you want to go and gives meaning to the process of getting there.  In this session we will explore the steps to creating a vision whether you are clear on your goals or not sure what direction to take.  This can aid both the professional and the clients they serve. 

Target Audience: Perfect for any group needing to adapt to change and to do so with strength and conviction. 

Policy and Procedures: Custom Trainings to fit your organization's needs.  Programs can be designed, developed and delivered based on your needs and the audience in which you serve.  I can adapt any presentation to meet your needs and the needs of those in which you serve.