The most wonderful thing in the world is somebody who knows who they are and what they were created to do. -Bishop TD Jakes

In 2007 I quit my big sales job and decided to finally put my master's degree to use.  Pursuing one's passion is so vital to our well being and I couldn't wait any longer.  Working as a Membership Representative for a big media research company was a good job but I was miserable and couldn't live a lie. I wanted to stand in my truth and live up to my potential and I knew my degree in philosophy was my ticket to doing just that. Philosophy is a vital subject and I recognized I could use it to help others and develop a career.   I wanted to teach, speak and write but wasn't completely sure how I would do it.  My Dad always said I was a fighter and my Mom firmly believed that I would be successful.  Those messages I received as a child were in my heart as I ventured into the world of speaking and teaching.  I went to Italy and became certified by the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA) in Client Counseling and became an Adjunct Professor at our local college.  I was moving into speaking and teaching slowly and earning a living. My first job where I was hired as a facilitator was on May 22nd- my birthday!  I delivered a Socratic Dialogue workshop for the career services center at Cleveland State University.  It was a thrilling day.  The adrenaline was pumping and I gave it everything I had.  I received glowing reviews and the workshop really helped the department improve their communication and teamwork.  I did it.  I was on my way. 

I continued speaking, facilitating and teaching and in 2013 I received my biggest surprise - I was offered a tenure track position in philosophy at the college where I was an adjunct professor.  And this past May I was awarded tenure.  It was a lot of blood, sweat and tears but I followed that voice, the little one inside all of us that constantly guides us to our truth- the one that told me to teach and use philosophy.  It lead to more than I ever dreamed possible.  I was finally on my path.... and my journey continues....


Kerry was born in NYC and has called Cleveland, OH home for the past 20 years.  She has her MA in Philosophy from Cleveland State University and her BA from Adelphi University.  She has worked and studied abroad in Ireland, England, Austria and Italy.  Her background includes work as a program director, sales professional, training facilitator, speaker and coach.  

Since 2007, her passion for educating and inspiring has led to working with a variety of organizations and individuals as a speaker, training consultant and facilitator.  Kerry is an articulate and energetic speaker with the ability to motivate and engage varied audiences.  

Kerry is an Assistant Professor at Cuyahoga Community College in their Philosophy Department and has taught classes in Philosophy, Bioethics and Humanities. She has a philosophy blog in Psychology Today called The Doughnut Dilemma.  She is a Certified Associate of The American Philosophical Practitioners Association.  Ms. Tobin has also contributed to several articles on professional and personal development and has been quoted and featured in The Plain Dealer and  In 2016 she was a speaker at a Cleveland TED X event. The talk: Philosophy For The Future